The keys to market diversification

When you have developed a successful business, your growth is limited by the size of your market. A diversification strategy opens up new possibilities.

Our Business Divisions

You can diversify your product offering or your target markets, but you must expand your business horizons


Trading of Oil & Gas products and equipment as well as trading of green energy products


Production and sales of recycled and vergin Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene and Low Densisity Polyethylene


Complus Chemicals division focuses on providing the highest quality chemicals and service at a fair price, all backed by years of industry experience. Our “business is personal” philosophy means that we value honesty and integrity over profit. You can count on us to know what to do, to do what we say and to tell you how much it will cost.

Energy Saving

With Ballast Compatible LED Tubes, switching from fluorescent to LED is easy and cost effective. No electrical work needed. Plug & Play.
Massive reduction of current consumption with considerable cost savings! Due to the reduced current consumption considerably decreased output of CO2emissions!
Guaranteed lifetime of 5 years (big saving in maintenance cost).

Innovation Technology

Designing, production and sales of new technologies and system integration. Marketing of blockchain protected systems for the e-Governance and the digitalization of services to citizens by both private and public institutions.

Business Services

Services rendered in Estonia for start-up, business management, fiscal and legal support, tax optimization to companies wishing to transfer only their commercial activities in the country of the Flat Tax or wishing to fully delocalize their activities.

Industrial Equipment

COMPLUS SYSTEMS is capable of executing projects from their concept to completion integrating design, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, refurbishing, testing, packaging, export, installation support, commissioning and start-up. Our goal is to deliver integral custom made solutions primary oriented to the oil and gas industry, from the wellhead to the point of sale, supported by experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals, primarily focused on the operations efficiency, with strict compliance to the safety and environmental regulations.

Water Treatment

Complus Systems Multi Phase Reactor is an Advanced Oxidation process that generates a suite of highly reactive Oxidizing radicals from the waste water stream without additional of chemicals or pre-cursor oxidizers.
Bio solids suspended in the wastewater stream undergo substantial particle size reduction by means of lysing of cellular matter and then subsequent oxidation of the reduced particles. This process is capable of achieving full sterilization of the water by this process alone. This will result in accelerated bio-reactivity of the solids entering the digestor, decreasing time for digestion.
Dissolved solids such as metal ions are reduced to oxidized state, where the metallic ion is tied to Oxygen rendering it insoluble. The insoluble material forms a solid precipitate that is removed via conventional filtration. Chlorides that were previously ionically bonded to the metal ions form Chlorine Dioxide and free Chlorine.

We Build our services and products to Represent our Values

At Complus Systems Group, our diverse background and ethos encompass both Western and Eastern cultures. The combined disciplines enable us to effectively communicate with and maintain key relationships to true qualified clients and partners. Combined with our long experience in the high tech, Oil & Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Manufacturing, legal, Financial and Banking industries, Complus Systems Group offers a sustainable “bridge” in conducting business into Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA.

Stefano Ferrari
CEO Complus Systems Group

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About Complus Systems

Complus Systems Group, an independent company founded on 2006, based in Tallinn, Estonia and Milan, Italy, focuses on physical commodities in energy, natural resources as well as energy saving products and innovation technologies. Our global relationships enable us to offer our top quality products and services to qualified clients and counterparties. Complus Systems Group is a company whose business model is rooted in a similar historical base with companies such as Italy’s ones (company owners are Italians), but with a clear 21st century vision as to how the changing technological and financial demands in our global society have altered the economic and political landscape to create unique opportunities.